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PD monitors

Partial Discharge Monitors

Acquire, process and display PD data remotely with our permanently installed monitors

On-line Partial Discharge monitors vary in complexity and design, depending on the environment in which they will be permanently installed.

Large systems are installed in MV substations, monitoring every cable and every switchgear. More industrialised devices are used in distributed applications, such as small substations and EHV assets.

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Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems

asm-systems ipec

Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems

ASM Systems – Permanent PD Monitor

The ASM is a permanent PD monitor for cables, switchgear and other high voltage assets. The ASM can be configured for any number of PD sensor channels. If excessive discharge is detected, the ASM raises an alarm that can be configured either locally or by email. This enables the long-term assessment of plant conditions to be carried out quickly and easily, from any remote computer. Suitable for all types of substation equipment, the ASM proves a powerful tool to an asset manager, providing continuous on-line condition data at the touch of a button.

  • The ASM uses PD sensors that couple to the HV network
  • The monitor is enclosed in a 19″ cabinet allowing for customisable options
  • The ASM automatically downloads to a central database

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Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems

ASM-Portable – Portable PD Monitor

The ASM-Portable is a Portable Partial Discharge (PD) Monitor for cables, switchgear, and other high-voltage assets. The unit is part of the IPEC’s wider range of on-line PD monitoring systems. The ASM-P can be configured with up to 32 PD sensor channels. If excessive discharge is detected, the ASM-P raises an alarm that can be configured either locally or by email. This enables the long-term assessment of plant conditions to be carried out quickly and easily, from any remote computer.

  • PD Peak, PD Count, Load, Asset Criticality and Analogues plotted against time
  • Any time period selectable
  • Up to 8 channels selectable at one time

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PD-Alarm ipec

Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems

PD Alarm

The PD Alarm is an asset mounted device for indicating the presence of partial discharge in high voltage switchgear, ring main units (RMUs) and dry type transformers. Designed for use in small substations, the instrument can activate local and remote alarms in addition to local indication.

  • Ultrasonic and TEV level displayed in dB
  • Current ‘live’ alarms and historical alarms
  • Measurement of electrical transients generated by internal PD

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DeCifer equipment

Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems

DeCIFer – PD Noise Cancelling

There are several factors that affect the quality of On-line partial discharge detection including sensitivity of sensors, rate and quality of data acquisition and most importantly, quality of PD noise filtering. IPEC’s DeCIFer algorithm is a market leading tool for removing noise and identifying PD.

  • Market leading tool for removing noise and identifying PD
  • Use our years of experience to automate PD detection
  • Ensure PD is found and false positives a kept to a minimum

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Case studies

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PD on 13.8kV busbar

A case study discussing partial discharge damage found on a 13.8kV busbar.

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PD-SGS/PD Detector on site

Utility, Middle East – Detecting Pending Asset Failure

This case study will detail how IPEC’s PD-SGS detected a pending asset failure in a Middle East utility company.

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The ASM ipec - UK airport

Airport, UK – Asset Monitoring

In 2018, following a recent high voltage failure, IPEC were tasked with finding a condition monitoring solution at an airport in London.

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Oil Company, UK – Partial Discharge Detected & Located on 33kV Assets

A sharp increase of Partial Discharge activity was detected on a 33kV switchgear panel by IPEC’s on-line PD Monitoring system, the ASM. High TEV PD signals were detected across the switchboard.

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chemical company

Chemical Company, South Korea – Fault Prevented

IPEC kept a close eye on the rise, and the criticality went from 0 to 100 in a very short period of time meaning a failure was imminent.

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Saudi faulty cable

Utility Company, Middle East – Cable PD Detected

The examination showed extensive PD damage around the trifurcating point of the termination.

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oil company south korea ipec

Oil Company, South Korea – IPEC ASM Detects Partial Discharge

IPEC conducted an annual data analysis report for the client, and it concluded there were high levels of Partail Discharge on cable EA4800B.

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Seoul transport company, South Korea – PrecisePD Located PD on Cable

IPEC conducted Partial Discharge cable mapping for the customer in Seoul using the PrecisePD location and detection system.

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Utility, UK – Fault Prevented in 33kV Switchgear

Partial Discharge spot testing was carried out in the 33kV substation.

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