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transmission and distribution

Transmission and Distribution (T&D)

IPEC's transmission & distribution solutions are deployed on assets around the world.

Reliable generation, transmission and distribution of power to homes and businesses is one of the most essential services in the modern world.

The public power network supports all of our daily lives. Reducing power outages, improving the performance of networks, and keeping the lights on is the primary aim of power companies.

Transmission and Distribution assets are very well managed and maintained, but there is always more that can be done. IPEC’s On-line PD Monitoring and testing solutions, our expert service team, and our technical support staff can help network managers and operators improve the performance of their networks by identifying defects on the network before failures occur.

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Our solutions are deployed on assets around the world, from small distribution substations to large transmission assets or power generation facilities.

IPECs core mission is to bring advanced products and services to the market and help customers understand the condition of assets under normal working conditions.

– On-line PD Monitoring IPEC On-line PD Monitoring systems monitor the condition of assets 24/7 whilst the network is live.

– On-line PD Spot Testers Our range of handheld test equipment can be used to quickly and efficiently test a large number of assets across your network live

– Services Expert On-line PD service engineers conduct site condition assessments, PD testing, and PD location services on your assets

Transmission & distribution

IPEC systems and services support customers in the implementation of Condition Based Maintenance, the optimisation of investment and upgrade programs, and the management of the network in real time.

IPEC have dedicated solutions for Transmission and Distribution, as well as various asset types. Please explore further information on our dedicated Solutions or contact IPEC customised information on our network.

IPEC Transmission and distribution