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Founded in 1994 in Manchester, with the objective of transferring cutting edge technology to the power industry.

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IPEC is based in Manchester in the UK. Our company offers turnkey solutions for asset monitoring and testing. Our products range from simple-to-use instruments for routine spot testing, to sophisticated permanently installed systems that give detailed information on the condition of insulation in key assets across transmission and distribution networks.


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IPEC Limited was founded in 1994 with the objective of transferring cutting-edge technology to the power industry by generating a dialogue between academic research, industry, and commerce. This has enabled the power industry not only to fully exploit the research and innovation of scientists at the forefront of power engineering but to make an active contribution to the direction of future research and development. In turn, our company has been able to respond efficiently to market demands and develop commercially viable products which bring real monitoring and control solutions to the power industry.

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Meet the IPEC team, with a wealth of experience in partial discharge theory and practical applications for testing, diagnosis, investigation and support.

david north ipec

Dr David North


dr colin smith ipec

Dr Colin Smith

Managing Director

Steve Brookfield


Carl Eastham

Carl Eastham

Business Development Director

dr koen tavernier ipec

Dr Koen Tavernier

Senior Software Engineer

dr jing zhao ipec

Dr Jing Zhao

Senior Electronics Engineer

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PD Knowledge Share: How Humidity Can Lead to Partial Discharge

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