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Offline PD Solutions

IPEC offers Offline Partial Discharge Solutions with investigations and expert recommendations for rectifications.

IPEC’s specialised PD investigations focus on assets where Partial Discharge is known to occur or expected to be the cause of a potential failure.

Off-line PD testing is a well established PD testing solution adopted by asset managers around the world. The testing can give confidence to asset managers before re-energisation of a previously failed asset, or when commissioning a new system. Off-line PD testing can also complement on-line solutions, usually as a follow on service once PD has been detected.

Utilising our cutting-edge online PD detection and location technology, IPEC can locate the sources of partial discharge within switchgear and cable assets thereby reducing the amount of down time required to repair or replace assets.

We recommend investigations be carried out at least on a biennial basis on assets where low amounts of PD are known or annually on critical assets where PD has been found. An IPEC trained engineer will produce a report following an investigation to outline the PD activity found as well as providing thorough recommendations for rectification of faults.

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Off-line PD Testing Service

IPEC’s off-line PD testing includes engineers deployed to site, planning of shutdown required, and conducting the PD test.

Following the test, immediate preliminary results can be given to the customer, to allow for swift return to service, and a full PD report will be issued following the test.

Off-line PD testing services is conducted by IPEC’s teams of expert CBM engineers based in the United Kingdom and overseas.