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HV Distribution


IPEC’s solutions for distribution substations cover all assets, with both permanent, portable and service products.

Distribution are the local networks that power homes, businesses, and key public services essential to our everyday lives.

Reliability of the power network is paramount and a primary performance measure for most distribution network operators. As power networks age, demand increases, and modern network requirements change – the implementation of effective Condition Based Maintenance tools is essential.

IPEC’s solutions for on-line Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring and testing, give asset managers a clear understanding of network weak points during normal service, whilst the assets are live and under normal load conditions. Combined with existing CBM technology, or used on assets of concern, can give peace of mind to asset managers.

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PD in MV Distribution Networks

All power carrying assets and insulated components on the Medium Voltage (MV) distribution network can be tested and monitored, on-line, for the presence of partial discharge (PD) activity. These assets include:

– Primary and Secondary substation MV switchgear

– MV Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) and VCBs

– MV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

– Switchgear Accessories: Bus Bar Sections and Bus Connectors & couplers

– MV Cable Terminations

– MV Underground Cables

– XLPE and PILC Cables

– Cable joints and Cable Terminations

– MV and HV Transformers

– Switchyards

Primary substations form the core of a distribution network, with each site being a central location for the large numbers of switchgear, feeder cables and transformers.

IPEC’s solutions for distribution substations cover all assets, with both permanent, portable and service products. Feeder cables and their joints can be monitored using our HFCT sensors deployed at the cable termination. CC-TEV sensors detect PD in the Switchgear assets and accessories, Circuit Breakers including CT’s and VT’s, Bus Couplers and Bus Sections.

Air insulated transmission switchyards are more resilient to PD activity. PD can still occur on contaminated or damaged surfaces, such as bushings or insulating components, this causes surface tracking PD. Corona, the ionisation of air, may also be found in switchyards, though the effects may be lower than other types of PD.

On-line PD Monitoring and Testing for MV Distribution Substations

Permanent on-line PD monitoring equipment, portable on-line PD spot testing systems, and On-line PD testing services are regularly deployed on MV Distribution and Primary substations.

The ASM On-line PD Monitoring System can be used to monitor partial discharge activity 24/7 in installed assets. PD sensors are installed on applicable assets, which send raw data back to the PD monitoring system. The ASM will then automatically remove noise, identify, and classify PD activity and save this data locally. Data from the ASM is then sent to a central server, which collects data from multiple monitoring systems into a comprehensive asset management interface.

The ASM is specifically configured for each site, with the required IP rating, housing and size depending on the location and number of assets to be monitored. At transmission level the ASM system is usually deployed in the main switch room, monitoring GIS and cable terminations, and in manholes monitoring each cable joint.

HV Distribution IPEC

Portable handheld on-line PD testing instruments, like the PD-SGS and PD Detector systems are compatible with sensor types used for PD detection on Switchgear.

CC-TEV and Ultrasonic sensors are most commonly used on Medium Voltage assets, and substations can be quickly surveyed for the presence of PD.

IPEC’s team of expert service engineers conduct PD testing, location, and diagnosis services all over the world. Our team can offer a comprehensive one off or regular service at any location.

HV Distribution

The PWR Cycle™

We understand that knowing which type of Condition Based Maintenance technology to implement, or what PD Monitoring tools and techniques to use can be daunting. We have developed The PWR Cycle™ as a framework to support this process and our team have experience in helping to prioritise and plan deployment on your network.

IPEC HV Distribution

IPEC endeavour to provide solutions for all applications. Please contact us for more information or a dedicated proposal to suit your needs