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The AA Ultrasonic acoustic probe is designed for use on air insulated terminations where a clear sound path between the electrically stressed insulation and the probe is present.

The sensor is extremely sensitive and can detect activity below 10pC. The probe has a magnetic base to allow coupling to steel enclosures and a swivel head so the detecting sensor can be aimed directly at the HV point.

Corona in air and surface tracking can seriously damage high voltage insulating surfaces in a way that will ultimately lead to flashover and complete failure of the insulator. This discharge activity creates acoustic emission that can be detected using a high frequency sensor. The magnitude of the acoustic emission is indicative of the degree and severity of the discharge activity.



Frequency response


Receiving Sensitivity

-65dB min at 40KHz (0dB = 1 volt/µbar RMS SPL)

Sensor head swivel

360 degrees


71 x 37 x 39 mm

Power Requirements

12VDC, up to 150mA

Output Connector

BNC Female





AA-Ultrasonic ipec equipment